I Have No Choice

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V.J. Nuance 

January 8, 2014


I have no choice.

   I still remember the story of Louis Braille who invented the tactile writing system. A girl loved him very much, she didn’t mind he is blind, she adored his diligence and accomplishment on the contrary. Braille didn’t feel cheerful or proud. He just said that I have no choice. -- in a plain tone. No one wants to lose his eyes, he had no choice, he had to face it.

   We have to do something in our life. These difficult or unsolved problems cause us to face them. Maybe we will familiar with these scenes as the following…


  “I can’t bear my husband died in cancer. He was so young.”

  “I can’t suffer from such striking; my families were all gone with the fire. I am alone now.”

  “Why it happened to me? The bad guy raped me. Why didn’t he choose others?”

  “I work so hard, why God can’t see my efforts. My income is still meager, I’m still struggling.”

  “I’m so unlucky to meet such a judge, he can’t tell from right or wrong?”

  “My lover has changed a lot, his violence harmed me. What should I do next with my life?”

  “Well, no good deed goes unpunished. I was accused by helping a motorcycle rider when he fell down on the road.”


   Sometimes we have answers about these plights, but sometimes not. Whoever knows what problems will fall on you? That’s real life.


The Road
The Sky The Land


I have no choice. All I can do is to face it.


   I have no choice but to face the hardness. I don’t know why God played the joke to me. “To be or not to be.”

  “Not to be” means I do nothing, I give up myself. But indeed someone needs to take a period of stilly time to recover from trauma. Someone needs to do nothing for surviving in tempestuous or scheming surroundings in conscious. Think about it, nothing to lose if you had chosen the road of “Not to be”. It would be better to make a gamble on surviving. You deserve living well.

   I think it’s the meaning of “The Road not taken” which written by Robert Frost. Some difficult road has the room for someone to take a choice, who choice such road often understand why they choose it, so they can stand the lonesomeness or some inevitable frustration and pain. There’s some consolation and accomplishment there when they are on the road. But it’s true in another condition, some difficult road do not leave any space for someone to make a choice. No room to choose.

    We have no choice.All We can do is to face it.

      Thus the way, we develop the abilities and courage what we need. I think if I’ve cultivated any abilities or courage which I don’t know where they came from. Maybe they just like babies who were born with no choice. They are precious.