A Surprise Birthday

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 Hsinchu City is small but special. So many high-tech companies lie here such as TSMC, UMC, Media Tek, AUO, etc. The residents here actually live in a region include Hsinchu City and Hsinchu County. The two cities are neighbors. I live in Hsinchu County and my mother in law live in Hsinchu City.


 One day after a lecture in Taipei, I came back to Hsinchu City to join a party for the birthday of my mother in law who was seventy. It’s an important birthday, so my wife and her brothers bought a big cake for the lovely elder. I was a little late for a traffic jam on my way to the party restaurant. So interesting it was when I opened the door of the restaurant.

 Two parties were held there. One was for my mother in law, the other was a foreigners’ party. About fifty foreigners were happy there. I walked through them to the end of the restaurant, and then I found my families and relatives. The dishes were very delicious. We enjoyed the birthday dinner and drink some cognac. After we finished the dinner, three layers of cake showed up next. We sang the happy birthday song for my mother in law with our sincere blessing.


 Suddenly, the fifty foreigners sang the happy birthday song with us. So surprise we were. My mother in law was very happy to hear their blessing. She wanted to share her happiness to these lovely foreigners. I took the message and two layers of cake to them. They thanked her for her generous kindness.

     The next scene impressed my mother in law forever I thought. Many foreigners came to the front of my mother in law.

    “Happy Birthday!”



  We didn't know each other. We enjoyed a happy time together.