32 Reasons of Love

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  What a cheerful time for families to share their experiences and feelings at dinner. One night, we played a guessing game accompany delirious food again. My wife, daughters and I told riddles in turn. My little daughter was five years old. Her riddles were the most difficult to guess. I concentrated on her tender voice. She said,” Two circles.” 
    My wife and I looked at each other all of
 a sudden. There were some wrinkles appeared on my forehead. Oh, there would be too many possible answers. We tried to search the possible answers on the dinner table.

  “It's a plate.”,my wife took a guess first. “Wrong”, said my little daughter.

  “Eyeballs”,her elder sister took a guess second. “Wrong”, said my little daughter.

  “A watche?”, I said. “Wrong”, said my little daughter.

  After a period of time, she announced her answer finally. She said,“Eight”.

   Oh, yes. I got it. I got it. I had to think like a kid. I had the confidence to face the challenge of next riddle. Here came the next one soon. “Triangle and rectangle”, said my little daughter.
  “What?”, We had lost in her riddle forest again. We all got the wrong answers. We invited her to announce her answer. 

She said,“Rice Ball”.
  “Which kind of rice ball is it?” 

     We  dawned  gradually.  She was right.  If  we  look  Onigiri  in different angles. One side is triangular and the other is rectangular.

     Suddenly, another topic came out from another daughter who was nine years old. She evoked a memory of her parent’s young time. She said, “I reviewed photographs at my room with mommy before dinner. Daddy, you owe mommy thirty-two reasons. Why should mommy marry to you?” My little daughter joined the uproar, “Daddy, you should say these reasons to mommy.”

    Oh, I forgot it fundamentally. But it is true, I owe my wife these reasons I promised many years ago. So I said” Daughters, what you’ve said is right. I try to express them now.” I turned to my wife and looked into her eyes. I said,” You are the Miss Right I want to walk together hand in hand till the end of my life.” 


   My wife sniggered besides my daughters. My elder daughter frowned for a moment then she said, “OK, Passed, Next one.” Oh! Both of you were serious about it. My wife sniggered again with her hands covered her mouth. I looked into my wife’s eyes again soulfully.
  “The second reason is that I love you.”

“It’s not a reason. It’s just you express that you adore mommy.” My two daughters rejected my reason. How admiring I was at that time. Teachers in school cultivated them very well. The time we’ve spent on daily life communication was not in vain. But it caused me a hard situation. It’s not easy to express thirty-two reasons suddenly.

     Thank Goodness! My elder daughter gave me a hand. She said, “Dad, you once had said that Mommy is very kindhearted.” “Yes, your mother is very kind.” I seconded immediately. I remembered a cold spot she wiped snivel off from a Down syndrome kid’s nose.

    “Mommy, will this reason pass?”, said my elder daughter.

   “Yeah, I accept.” My wife turned to me and said,“I didn’t ask them to do such amazing things.”
    I begged them to postpone the deadline after my five sincere reasons jumped out. As for the other reasons were my secrets. I think, no matter what reasons they are for me or you. They are unique and precious, if they came from daily life sincerely. 

   Angularities were gone with the wind. My thirty-two reasons textures had changed. They became the reasons to say thanks. Thanks her to be my wife and our daughters’ mommy. The happiness and hardness of the past twelve years were trilling into our soul, mind and heart.