The Birth of Mr. O

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     Mr. O is a teeth bug. He didn't remember where he was born. That’s not important any way. The most important thing for him is eating.


       He always say that  “No matter where you come, no matter where you go, the most important thing is eating. Never stop to eat various delicacy.  “ Whenever you are in boy’s mouth or in the inter-space of girl’s teeth. Be the master of food.”

       He still remember so sweet of the first meal in his life. Colorful chocolate balls were rolling into the mouth where he lived. Suddenly, the mouth became a balls pool.


       The teeth bug was a baby at that time, he was wondering about the world. He felt the scene was incredible. He lied down on the chocolate balls excitedly. He wiggled his body and mixed a rolling, slipping gesture.


After a while, the higher temperature melted these chocolate balls. They changed into a colorful and beautiful river. The teeth bug’s drops were watering accompanied by his sincere admiration.



NoteIt’s an endless story. My daughters love them very much.

RemindingKids, it’s very important to brush your teeth every day.