My Name is Mr. O

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    Mr. O couldn’t imagine so smoothing the chocolate was when they melting in the decayed tooth. He was too exciting to open his mouth with a round shape. He said, ”O.”

   “It’s not only delicious but also comfortable. My heart is full of happiness.”

   The teeth bug wanted to keep the wondering impression. He’s made a decision suddenly. “My name is “O.” O means the dream of the teeth bug. He wanted to be a gourmet who lived in kid’s mouth.

   “Ah Ah! Mommy! ”, a scream scared Mr. O. Do you know why?

   That’s right. Mr. O felt nervous about his situation. It’s very dangerous to live here. If the mouth’s master brushed his teeth, then I would be off from here.

“I like here. I wish this kid wouldn't brush his teeth forever.”